tisdag 11 januari 2011

New DVD releases on April 19

SALON MASSAGE (Massagesalon der jungen Mädchen, Eberhard Schröder 1972)
Maurice, a very busy reporter always on the hot tracks of a scoop, manages to convince his boss to allow him to go back to Munich where he once met a beautiful masseuse with whom he had an unforgettable love affair. But as soon as he sets foot in Munich he realizes that his quest won't be an easy one. Never the man who complains or gives up, Maurice visits all of the massage parlors in Munich. One after the other, he checks all the joints hoping he will meet again the only woman who gave him absolute pleasure.

I WANT WHAT I WANT (John Dexter, 1972)
Based on the sensational best seller, I WANT WHAT I WANT helped pave the way for the release of many other films dealing with transvestite and transsexual themes. Acclaimed British actress ANNE HEYWOOD (THE FOX, THE CHAIRMAN) stars as Roy, a young English man who works at a real estate agency and lives with his widowed father (Harry Andrews - SUPERMAN, THE INTERNECINE PROJECT). Roy's existence is a fight against loneliness as he is obsessed by a secret desire that no one understands.

(1) Gatling Gun: Captain Chris Tanner (Robert Woods) has been found guilty of treason by a court martial. His only true ally Tom Felleghy, secretly has Tanner switch places with another prisoner and has him temporarily released from his death sentence. (2) Django Shoots First: Django (Glenn Saxson) finds his father's corpse in the hands of a bounty hunter. After claiming the bounty for himself, he discovers his father was the partner of the local banker (Nando Gazzlo) and owned half of everything in town. With an outgoing local (Fernando Sancho) at his side, he fights for his inheritance.

(1) Three Musketeers Of The West: A newly appointed Texas Ranger discovers that a crooked banker has employed a pretty nurse to smuggle an illegal shipment of gold to Mexico's dictator President Ortega. Dart Jr (Timothy Brent) plays all sides as he tries to get the gold all to himself. (2) The Man From Oklahoma was produced and directed by the legendary Balcazar family. The story begins with the beating and murder of the local town sheriff by the son and hands of the local land baron Rod Edwards (Fistful of Dollars). Edwards' is rumored to have killed his business rival.

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