tisdag 19 oktober 2010

Some new stuff coming in December

Scandalous Gilda (Scandalosa Gilda, Gabriele Lavia 1985) coming from new company One 7 Movies on Demember 14

A gorgeous woman (Monica Guerritore) finds her husband in bed with a complete stranger. Full of contempt, the woman leaves and embarks on an erotic discovery journey of herself. She meets a cartoonist with whom she plays out all her darkest fantasies. But the love game soon deteriorates as the woman wants to prove her new lover that she can truly cross all the boundaries of perversion.

Schoolgirl Report 7 (Schulmädchen-Report 7: Doch das Herz muß dabei sein, Ernst Hofbauer 1974) from Impulse Pictures on December 14

Impulse Pictures is proud to present SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 7: WHAT THE HEART MUST THEREBY... another sexy, sinful
entry in the popular German sexploitation series. For this erotic outing, we're taken to a super secret brothel where lots of lovely schoolgirls are having sex with high paying older men. A client falls for the brothel owner's sister and when shunned, he stirs up trouble by calling the police! During the court hearing we learn why the girls became prostitutes. Helga, loves sex so much, she lets boys do her homework in exchange for sex.

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