onsdag 29 september 2010

NIGHT OF THE DEMON from Fremantle in October

Previously available from Sony US, NIGHT OF THE DEMON and the US cut CURSE OF THE DEMON will be released by UK company Fremantle on October 18.

A classic slice of 1950s psychological horror, Night of the Demon stars Dana Andrews as American psychologist Dr John Holden, who arrives in London to attend a paranormal psychology symposium with the aim of exposing devil cult leader Julian Karswell (Niall MacGinnis) as a charlatan and a fraud. On his arrival, Holden learns that the leader of the symposium, Henry Harrington (Maurice Denham), has suddenly died in mysterious circumstances - but Holden, a hardened sceptic, refuses to believe that Karswell could have had a hand in this, and accepts an invitation to stay at Karswell's estate along with Harrington's niece, Joanna (Peggy Cummins). Once there, however, a series of strange occurrences begins by which even the sceptical Holden becomes disturbed...

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