onsdag 18 augusti 2010

More eurocrime from Wild East

I AM THE LAW (Il prefetto di ferro, Pasquale Squitieri 1977)

MAFIA (Il giorno della civetta, Damiano Damiani 1968)

For the first time available on DVD in U.S.A


theatrical versions in their original aspect ratios
English language



On October 5, MGM/20th Century Fox will release Claudio Fragasso's infamous Troll 2 "The 20th anniversary Nilbog edition" on DVD and Blu-Ray.

torsdag 5 augusti 2010

WHO? coming to DVD from Scorpion Releasing

Elliott Gould stars in Jack Gold's thought provocative sci-fi/cold war thriller "WHO?". While visiting the Soviet Union, American scientist Lucas Martino (Joseph Bova, SERPICO) is nearly killed in a car accident. The Russians are only able to save Martino's brain and eyes, and to keep that alive, they ingeniously create a cyborg humanoid body. This functioning and thinking 'robo-man' in a metallic body is released back to the Americans six months later. Release date November 23.

måndag 2 augusti 2010

Cool stuff from VCI in October...

US company VCI have announced a couple of cool horror films scheduled for release in October, and the most interesting are:

The Demon (Percival Rubens, 1979)
The Swamp of the Ravens (El pantano de los cuervos, Manuel Caño 1974) Previously released by Something Weird, fingers crossed this will be a better presentation. Paired with I Eat Your Skin.
The Headless Ghost (Peter Graham Scott, 1959) Paired with Horrors of the Black Museum.