fredag 2 juli 2010

René Cardona Jr. adventure film in VCI "Family 4 pack"

ZINDY THE SWAMP BOY (Zindy, el fugitivo de los pantanos, René Cardona Jr. 1973) A grandfather and his young grandson named Zindy get lost in the jungle. During their attempt to find a way home, a terrible storm hits and Zindy’s grandfather is swallowed by the swamp. Zindy is left to raise himself in the jungle amongst the savage beasts. Zindy luckily finds the help of a new found friend, and together embark on an adventure that they will never forget. 87min, 1972, 1.33:1, Not Rated

The other films in the 4-pack:

GEORGE!: In this comedy, the quiet life of an airplane pilot (Marshall Thompson) living in Switzerland is terribly disrupted when his sister gets married for the fourth time and bequeaths him her 250-pound St. Bernard. The bachelor and the big slobbery dog do not immediately become friends. Later they bond when the St. Bernard saves the bachelor's life during an avalanche. 86min, 1972, 1.33:1, PG

FRASIER THE LOVEABLE LION: Professor Marvin Feldman (Michael Callan) loves animals more than the beings of the human race, including his students. He lives at home with his overbearing mother who calls his prized Amazonian parrot a "fancy chicken". Fortuitously, Marvin gets a chance to spend some time with a wildlife refuge in California. There, he is introduced to Frazier, an older lion whose youthfulness is still amazing. One day, Marvin travels alone to observe the lions when Frazier starts to talk with English. Once word gets out that the king of the beasts is communicating with a human, the spotlight shines on the animal sanctuary. Does Frazier have something to tell and teach to the supposedly superior beings of this planet? 97min, 1973, 1.85:1, PG

MULE FEATHERS: Narrated by Don Knotts, the movie is about a roving preacher traveling the countryside in the company of a hilarious talking mule (voice by Don Knotts) and stumbles upon a search for hidden gold treasure that turns into a close encounter with an angry, grizzled Rory Calhoun. 90min, 1977, 1.33:1, PG

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