torsdag 29 april 2010

Network to release BAFFLED on May 17

Who dares to walk the line between life and death?
Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy, Susan Hampshire and Vera Miles star in this eerie story of revenge and murder from beyond the grave. Baffled, an intriguing ITC pilot for a never-completed series, is directed by Phillip Leacock and also stars Rachel Roberts, Christopher Benjamin, Angharad Rees and Ray Brooks.
Tom Kovak is a hard-nosed racing driver, until a sudden supernatural vision causes him to lose control of his car as he hurtles along at 140 miles per hour. Michele Brent is the woman who convinces Tom that his apparitions are significant. When she leads him to the manor house of his vision, he meets glamorous film star Andrea Glenn and her daughter, Jennifer, whose screaming image was the last thing he saw before his near-fatal crash. Despite Tom’s initial doubts, he is inextricably drawn into their lives, as together they combat a force that they cannot see, but can feel only too well. An ominous, vengeful presence engulfs the manor house. Its only aim is death, and its intended victim is Andrea; little Jennifer is its weapon. Tom must now find the means to tap his powers. It is their only hope..

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