onsdag 17 mars 2010

June 29 DVD artwork and synopses

Patrick, a rich businessman, celebrates his daughter Linda's 18th birthday by taking her and his wife to a famous casino resort in the south of France, where, 20 years earlier, he had won the money that enabled him to start his business and begin his rise to the top. At the casino he meets the beautiful and mysterious Lorna, whom he first encountered that night 20 years ago. She reminds him that he made a promise to her back then. She is the power behind his success and now she has returned to claim her reward - his daughter, Linda. A masterpiece of transgressive horror from Jess Franco.

She is restless and starving for emotions. Her husband is bored and wants desperately to spice up his sex life by pimping his wife to wealthy people of the upper class. But after a while the couple gets entangled in a web of deceit and paranoia that spins completely out of control. Soon reality and fantasy are completely mixed up while the sex gets hotter and spicier.

Bob (Daniel Greene) tries desperately to make a living as a professional boxer, but the mean streets of New York are tough and deadly. One night he helps a girl who's been mugged by a vicious gang and soon finds himself hooked with the seedy underbelly of the fixed fighting of the city. Stubborn and proud, Bob wants to succeed on his own terms. He refuses to fix a fight and becomes a target for the mob. A late classic by maestro Sergio Martino, this impressive film stars Hollywood legend Ernest Borgnine and Italian screen veteran Giuliano Gemma.

Mark (Steve Bond), a disgraced Miami police officer who was fired and turned snitch to avoid prison on charges that he was on the take, arrives in Buenos Aires after being hired to kill a gang leader. He gets an apartment to wait for the final order and hears sounds from next door of a woman crying, singing, and having passionate sex. Mark begins spying on the woman, Marina (Deborah Caprioglio), and her abusive boyfriend and it isn't long before Mark and Marina are having an affair of their own.

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