söndag 7 februari 2010

British films from Optimum and Odeon

February 8
BELLMAN & TRUE (Richard Loncraine, 1987)

In this tense British thriller, Hiller, a humble computer expert, and his young stepson get mixed up with a dangerous gang of bank robbers.

Recently fired from his job and abandoned by his wife, Hiller’s life is already descending into chaos when he crosses paths with a brutal gang of criminals. Planning an audacious robbery, they take Hiller and his child hostage, and force Hiller to use his technical skills to help them on the job.

Once the plan has been put into action, the gang attempts to shake off the police, while Hiller desperately tries to free himself and his son from the crooks' clutches.

A gritty, action-packed heist thriller, this is British film at its best.

February 8
BULLSHOT (Dick Clement, 1983)

Before there was Bond there was BULLSHOT!

Captain Hugh "Bullshot" Crummond (Alan Shearman) is a World War I fighter pilot, Olympic athlete, racing driver, and part-time sleuth. He must save the world from the nefarious Count Otto van Bruno (Ronald E. House), his wartime adversary and all-round villain, who is forging sinister plans for world domination. Can he defeat his arch enemy – and capture the heart of damsel in distress Rosemary Fenton [Diz White] – before it is too late?

March 22
DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS (Freddie Francis, 1965)

Dr Terror (Peter Cushing - Star Wars) is a mysterious fortune teller who boards a train and offers to tell five fellow passengers their fortune with tarot cards. Five possible futures unfold: an architect returns to his ancestral home to find a werewolf out for revenge; a huge flesh-eating vine takes over a house; a musician gets involved with voodoo; an art critic is pursued by a disembodied hand and a doctor discovers his new wife is a vampire. But they all end in the same result…..DEATH. A fascinating and fast paced example of portmanteau filmmaking with a deadly twist in the tale.

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