lördag 9 januari 2010

More British vintage from Optimum

UNDERCOVER (Sergei Nolbandov, 1943) Undercover is a wonderful slice of wartime history and a gripping piece of morale boosting WWII cinema from the groundbreaking and masterful Ealing Studios. The story follows two brothers during the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. One escapes to the hills to join the resistance whilst the other stays within his village to find other ways to defeat the enemy. Undercover is a riveting, action packed homage to the Yugoslavian struggle during the war and a wonderful insight into the world of their brave, fearless guerrilla forces.

THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER (Richard Fleischer, 1977) British icon and screen legend Oliver Reed (Oliver, Gladiator, Women In Love) creates a mesmerising, career defining performance in this unforgettable, swashbuckling tale of action, adventure, romance and intrigue. Faithfully adapted by for the screen by celebrated author George Macdonald Fraser, Mark Twain’s popular story tells the tale of Tom Canty, a cockney street urchin with an uncanny resemblance to Prince Edward, son of King Henry VIII. After a chance meeting with the young Prince of Wales, Tom and Edward decide to play a prank and swap roles. But when the two become separated one is thrown into the privileged world of royalty and the other into the harsh, grimy underworld of Tudor England.

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