torsdag 30 december 2010

THE FIEND from Odeon finally gets a release date...

.. and it's set to March 7, 2011... more info when available...

There's a sickness in the house on Burbott Road; a sickness not of the body, but of the soul! For several years the sinister Minister (Patrick Magee) and the religious fanatic, Birdy Wemys (Ann Todd) have warped the mind of her psychotic, sexually confused son, Kenny (Tony Beckley). But now Kenny has grown up into a big boy with big problems. In a savage vendetta of lust and anger, the sexually frustrated Kenny goes on a violent rampage, seeking his redemption in the murder and mutilation of saucy tarts. Witness the unrelenting carnage of The FIEND and pray for his immortal soul!

måndag 27 december 2010

More titles from One 7 Movies in 2011

SEX AND BLACK MAGIC (Orgasmo nero, Joe D'Amato 1980)
An aging couple travels to an exotic island in order to give their fading sexual life a boost. Little do they know that they will get far more than they are ready to ask for when black magic, cannibalism, tons of perversions and lustful natives enter the picture leaving no stone unturned... Bonus Features Include: Alternate scene, Unused shots, Hardcore inserts, Original end credits, Photo gallery.

THE REAL CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (Nuova Guinea: L'isola dei cannibali, Akira Ide 1974)
In 1975, Papua New Guinea obtained its long desired independence from the British Empire. A movie crew traveled to the island in order to shoot a film that would allow the Queen to better understand the laws and traditions of the natives. Looking for reality and truth, the cinematographers eventually got a lot more than they had bargained for...

TRANSGRESSION (La trasgressione, Fabrizio Rampelli 1988)
An angst-ridden college student fears that he will fail his impending test. The boy decides to take some drugs to chill down, but instead of relaxing he starts to hallucinate like a madman. While in his drug-induced dreams, he meets a wonderfully lusty woman who teaches him how to get all of his sex desires fulfilled. Eventually, he will have to go back to reality: but will his newfound lover let him?

torsdag 9 december 2010

DEATH WILL HAVE YOUR EYES from Mya Communication on March 22

(La moglie giovane, Giovanni d'Eramo 1974)Louisa (Marisa Mell) is a young and attractive woman who wants to make a living for herself in Rome, but soon falls prey to some very shady characters that force her into prostitution. While struggling to keep herself afloat, she meets a fascinating doctor (Farley Granger) who is also a would-be poet. However, Louisa doesn't really love him, and falls for another man. When she gets involved in a murder, blackmail and violence ensue – until the shocking final revelation.

onsdag 24 november 2010

Post apocalypse from Swedish Njutafilms

Swedish company Njutafilms have announced their plan to release Umberto Lenzi's IRON MASTER (La guerra del ferro, 1983) and Sergio Martino's HANDS OF STEEL (Vendetta dal futuro, 1986) within six months from now. No tech specs yet, stay tuned....

fredag 19 november 2010


When two pretty hitch-hikers are hired for a modelling assignment at a creepy English manor house, all is not what it seems a witches coven is in residence, populated by nude swingers, frustrated lesbians and a boiling cauldron of kinky sex! Directed by prolific filmmaker Ray Austin (The Avengers and Space 1999), Virgin Witch is a psychedelic mix of naked girls and bloodcurdling horror. This naughty British sex-thriller stars real-life sisters Vicki Michelle (from BBC sitcom Allo Allo) and Ann Michelle (Pyschomania), with show-stopping support from Patricia Haines (Michael Caine s first wife) and X -rated smoothie Neil Hallett (Keep It Up Downstairs). Originally rejected outright by the British censor, Virgin Witch is now available on DVD in the UK for the very first time.

Confessions of a Sex Maniac
Comedy legend Roger Lloyd Pack (BBC1 s Only Fools and Horses and The Vicar of Dibley) plays Henry, an up n coming architect tasked with designing a new leisure centre. Assisted by his sexy, super-efficient secretary Hilary (Vicki Hodge), Henry hits upon the idea of modelling the building on the shape of a humungous breast! In his quest for the perfect boob he road-tests a bevy of beautiful birds, including 70s sex-bombs Cherri Gilham, Ava Cadell and Monika Ringwald.
Love Variations
Britain's first ever feature-length sex education film caused widespread tabloid controversy upon its original release. Now more hysterical than educational, the ground-breaking Love Variations shows models performing a variety of sexual positions, whilst a family doctor provides an excitable commentary.

onsdag 17 november 2010

THE SINISTER EYES OF DR. ORLOFF from new company Intervision Picture Corp.

Los ojos siniestros del doctor Orloff (1973) will get its first English friendly DVD release courtesy of new company Intervision Picture Corp, and the release date is January 11, 2011. More info when available.


Previously out in Italy without any English language options, MGM in Spain has recently released Elio Petri's 1969 drama/thriller Un tranquillo posto di campagna starring Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave. English and Spanish audio, Spanish subtitles. Thank you.

måndag 8 november 2010

Cool British noir thrillers from VCI

NAKED FURY: A gang of thieves led by American Eddy (Reed de Rouen) kill a security guard during a botched safe robbery and flee with his daughter (Leigh Madison) as a hostage. They hide out in a dangerously unstable old warehouse for a couple of days awaiting their getaway ship to sail, but Johnny (Kenneth Cope) falls for the girl - provoking a serious falling-out and a violent conclusion to the disastrous heist. RT: 57 min, B&W, 1959, 1.37:1

COVER GIRL KILLER: Set in the sleazy world of a backstreet 50s nightclub. A serial-killer is believed to be murdering the models of glamour magazine, when cover-girl Gloria Starke (Milnes), is found dead after going on an assignment with mysterious bespectacled TV producer, Spendosa (Harry H Corbett), Inspector Brunner (Brooks) is put on the case to interview all concerned. RT: 61 min, B&W, 1960, 1.37:1

MURDER CAN BE DEADLY: Call girl Jo Lake (Liz Fraser) is working in club rackets with her man who is killed by a gangland boss (Kenneth Griffin). Clubber, Tom (Tony Wickert) is caught up in the murder. RT: 60 min, B&W, 1.37:1, NR, 1962

THE MARKED ONE: A blackmailer demands the plates used in a forgery plot for which Don Mason served time. Don doesn’t know where they are but when his small daughter Mary, living apart with her mother, is threatened he starts hunting for them. RT: 65 min, B&W, 1.37:1, NR, 1963

PIT OF DARKNESS: When Richard Logan, the partner in a safe-making firm is found unconscious on an old deserted bomb site; he finds that he has no recollection of the last three weeks. Then he discovers that the private detective, hired by his wife, has been found murdered, and a safe that his firm installed in a large country house has been cleverly opened and the contents missing. So with the help of his wife, he sets to uncover the truth. RT: 78 min, B&W, 1.37:1, NR, 1961

Release date November 30.

Dorado Films needs YOU!

US company Dorado Films need help with their release of The Fantastic Argoman - please read more on their blog:

Dorado Films

söndag 7 november 2010

11 HARROWHOUSE from Shout Factory on February 1

US company Shout Factory have announced the release of 1974 heist comedy 11 HARROWHOUSE, directed by Aram Avakian and starring Charles Grodin, Candice Bergen, James Mason and Trevor Howard.

A small time diamond merchant jumps at the chance to supervise the purchase and cutting of a large first class diamond. But when the diamond is stolen from him, he is blackmailed into pulling off a major heist at the Diamond Exchange, located at 11 Harrowhouse.

More info when available...

fredag 5 november 2010

More stuff from new company One 7 Movies on January 11

ALIEN FROM THE DEEP (Alien degli abissi, Antonio Margheriti 1989)
Somewhere deep in the jungle a chemical corporation dumps tons of toxic waste in a still active volcano. Two environmentalists try to expose these illegal ways of getting rid of hugely dangerous waste, but they get caught by the vigilantes working for the company. One of them, the super-hot Maria Giulia Cavalli, manages to escape and she is saved by a snake farmer who lives alone in the jungle. Together they try to bring down the company, but it's too late. Years of chemical poisoning have spawned a deadly monster that is set out to exact revenge on the humans that have unknowingly brought him to life.

CHINESE KAMASUTRA (Kamasutra cinese, Joe D'Amato 1993)
Joan Parker (the gorgeous Georgia Emerald) is a British librarian who stumbles by accident on an ancient book that contains the forbidden secrets of the Chinese Kama Sutra. She digs deeps into the pages of the mysterious book and starts having wild fantasies about her own sexuality, which has always been very tame. Nevertheless, she does not accept the advances of her fellow Chinese librarian. Unaware that every night she’s being watched from the windows of an ancient haunted house, she finds herself little by little caught in the clutches of the Kama Sutra cult she’s been reading about.

THE SINS OF MADAME BOVARY (Die nackte Bovary, Hans Schott-Schöbinger 1969)

Emma Bovary (Edwige Fenech) is an aristocratic woman deeply bored by her bourgeois life. Married to a man she does not love anymore, and fearing that her youth and life may vanish in the service of a man who does not know how to please a woman any more, she starts dreaming about another love.

CALL ME SALOME from Mya Communication on February 22

CALL ME SALOME (Chiamami Salomè, 2005)

The story of John the Baptist's tragical death relives in this bold adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "Salomé". Director Claudio Sestieri makes a bold and confrontational statement with this highly stylized picture that completely reinvents Oscar Wilde's classic tragedy. It's a full moon night. An abandoned factory in which a never ending party takes place is the set of a tremendous orgy of power, madness, violence and sex. The characters of this tragic play are all on the verge of breaking down but they try to hang on.

torsdag 28 oktober 2010

TASTE OF EXCITEMENT from Odeon Entertainment

On January 24, 2011, UK company Odeon Entertainment will release Don Sharp's 1970 thriller TASTE OF EXCITEMENT...

A man has been killed on the Dover/Boulogne car ferry. What is the connection between him and the attempts being made to kill Jane Kerrell (Eve Renzi), a young girl in her early twenties? As she speeds through the French countryside to the South of France, several attempts are made on her life as she is deliberately forced off the road by another car. But when she reports these attempts, the local Cap Ferrat Police Inspector and the sinister psychiatrist, Dr. Forla (George Pravda) believe these attempts are in her imagination and Dr Forla, concludes that Jane is mentally disturbed. At her wits end Jane finds an ally in the young English painter, Paul Hedley (David Buck) who finally believes her life is in danger following an attempt to murder him. When Inspector Malling of Scotland Yard (Peter Vaughan) and Mr. Breese (Francis Matthews) arrive in Cap Ferrat trying to uncover the connection between Jane and the murdered man on the ferry, this thrilling puzzle of international intrigue begins to unravel against the backdrop of the French Riviera.

tisdag 19 oktober 2010

Some new stuff coming in December

Scandalous Gilda (Scandalosa Gilda, Gabriele Lavia 1985) coming from new company One 7 Movies on Demember 14

A gorgeous woman (Monica Guerritore) finds her husband in bed with a complete stranger. Full of contempt, the woman leaves and embarks on an erotic discovery journey of herself. She meets a cartoonist with whom she plays out all her darkest fantasies. But the love game soon deteriorates as the woman wants to prove her new lover that she can truly cross all the boundaries of perversion.

Schoolgirl Report 7 (Schulmädchen-Report 7: Doch das Herz muß dabei sein, Ernst Hofbauer 1974) from Impulse Pictures on December 14

Impulse Pictures is proud to present SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 7: WHAT THE HEART MUST THEREBY... another sexy, sinful
entry in the popular German sexploitation series. For this erotic outing, we're taken to a super secret brothel where lots of lovely schoolgirls are having sex with high paying older men. A client falls for the brothel owner's sister and when shunned, he stirs up trouble by calling the police! During the court hearing we learn why the girls became prostitutes. Helga, loves sex so much, she lets boys do her homework in exchange for sex.

torsdag 14 oktober 2010

Rare spy film from Dorado Films

US company Dorado Films will release the 1967 spy film Electra One aka With Death On Your Back aka Con la morte alle spalle, directed by Alfonso Balcázar and starring George Martin, Vivi Bach, Daniele Vargas and Rosalba Neri. Great news, but unfortunately it will only be available in the limited edition box set (250 numbered copies) How Europe Does BABES, BOMBS, and GUNS together with the already released films Mission Bloody Mary, From the Orient With Fury and Special Mission Lady Chaplin. Another negative aspect is that it will be a full screen presentation (OAR is 2.20:1). Coming soon....

ALIEN 2: ON EARTH on blu-ray from new company Midnight Legacy

Alien 2: On Earth (Alien 2: sulla terra, Ciro Ippolito 1980)

A group of cave explorers are confronted in an underground cavern by a mysterious living rock. Little do they know that it bears home to deadly, flesh-eating creatures, intent on wiping out the entire human population. Can they survive and ultimately prevent Earth's total annihilation?

Never released in the United States, only a handful of countries saw a cropped and edited VHS release nearly thirty years ago, that is until now.

For our inaugural release, Midnight Legacy is proud to present the first-ever widescreen release of Alien 2 On Earth. The definitive version, transferred from the original 35mm negative, which runs longer than any other version seen throughout the world. The presentation that finally represents the intended vision of Alien 2 On Earth.

Brand new 1.85:1 high definition transfer from the original 35mm negative featuring significant additional footage not seen anywhere in the world.

Ultra high bitrate AVC encode @36 MBS, on a BD-50, faithfully representing our 2k scan and preserving the integrity and look of film.

English DTS MA 2.0, fully restored from the original audio masters, and respectful of the original sound design.

Special features include the only surviving trailer from the mega rare Dutch VHS , and effects outtakes transferred directly from the negative B-roll in full HD.

30,000 piece, Limited Edition single pressing run designed as a true collector's item for the serious collector. Once sold through, this title will never be available again.

All Region.

torsdag 7 oktober 2010


AMORE LIBERO aka Real Emanuelle (1975) will be released by Italian company Stormovie in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and supposedly English audio - on November 8. Stay tuned for more info. The recently released US disc from Mya Communication was horrible...

tisdag 5 oktober 2010


On November 25, Pete Walker's HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS will be released by Italian company Koch Media. No tech specs yet, fingers crossed it will be anamorphic widescreen and have English language options. Stay tuned...

onsdag 29 september 2010

NIGHT OF THE DEMON from Fremantle in October

Previously available from Sony US, NIGHT OF THE DEMON and the US cut CURSE OF THE DEMON will be released by UK company Fremantle on October 18.

A classic slice of 1950s psychological horror, Night of the Demon stars Dana Andrews as American psychologist Dr John Holden, who arrives in London to attend a paranormal psychology symposium with the aim of exposing devil cult leader Julian Karswell (Niall MacGinnis) as a charlatan and a fraud. On his arrival, Holden learns that the leader of the symposium, Henry Harrington (Maurice Denham), has suddenly died in mysterious circumstances - but Holden, a hardened sceptic, refuses to believe that Karswell could have had a hand in this, and accepts an invitation to stay at Karswell's estate along with Harrington's niece, Joanna (Peggy Cummins). Once there, however, a series of strange occurrences begins by which even the sceptical Holden becomes disturbed...

söndag 19 september 2010

BLOOD AND BLACK LACE from Anolis again

On September 27, German company Anolis will re-release their BLOOD AND BLACK LACE disc, considered to be the best presentation of the film available. It will be limited to 750 copies, without the extras from the previous special edition release, and contained in a small hardbox. Tech specs:

Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 anamorphic
Audio: German, Italian
Subtitles: German, English

torsdag 9 september 2010

MORGIANA artwork and delay

UK company Second Run DVD's release of Juraj Herz's MORGIANA has unfortunately been delayed until October 11 - here's the front cover artwork to keep you busy...

torsdag 2 september 2010

Teutonen Western Collection from Koch Media in November

On November 26, German company Koch Media will release Teutonen Western Collection including the following euro westerns - all starring Brad Harris:

Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fé (Gringos Do Not Forgive , Alberto Cardone/Ernst Hofbauer 1964)
Die Flußpiraten vom Mississippi (River Pirates of the Mississippi, Jürgen Roland 1964)
Die Goldsucher von Arkansas (Massacre at Marble City, Paul Martin 1964)

At this point, there's no info regarding English language options - so keep your fingers crossed!

onsdag 18 augusti 2010

More eurocrime from Wild East

I AM THE LAW (Il prefetto di ferro, Pasquale Squitieri 1977)

MAFIA (Il giorno della civetta, Damiano Damiani 1968)

For the first time available on DVD in U.S.A


theatrical versions in their original aspect ratios
English language



On October 5, MGM/20th Century Fox will release Claudio Fragasso's infamous Troll 2 "The 20th anniversary Nilbog edition" on DVD and Blu-Ray.

torsdag 5 augusti 2010

WHO? coming to DVD from Scorpion Releasing

Elliott Gould stars in Jack Gold's thought provocative sci-fi/cold war thriller "WHO?". While visiting the Soviet Union, American scientist Lucas Martino (Joseph Bova, SERPICO) is nearly killed in a car accident. The Russians are only able to save Martino's brain and eyes, and to keep that alive, they ingeniously create a cyborg humanoid body. This functioning and thinking 'robo-man' in a metallic body is released back to the Americans six months later. Release date November 23.

måndag 2 augusti 2010

Cool stuff from VCI in October...

US company VCI have announced a couple of cool horror films scheduled for release in October, and the most interesting are:

The Demon (Percival Rubens, 1979)
The Swamp of the Ravens (El pantano de los cuervos, Manuel Caño 1974) Previously released by Something Weird, fingers crossed this will be a better presentation. Paired with I Eat Your Skin.
The Headless Ghost (Peter Graham Scott, 1959) Paired with Horrors of the Black Museum. 

lördag 31 juli 2010

THE VISITOR from Code Red finally gets a release date

Code Red's long awaited special edition release of Giulio Paradisi's STRIDULUM (1979) aka The Visitor has finally been given a release date - November 2, 2010! More info when available...

torsdag 29 juli 2010

HOTEL PARADISE coming to DVD in Sweden

Swedish company Njutafilms have announced their release of Edoardo Mulargia's 1980 action film Orinoco: Prigioniere del sesso aka Hotel Paradise in the fourth quarter of 2010. No tech specs at the moment, more info when available. More titles from Njutafilms in 2010 include: Hell of the Living Dead, Spider Baby, Wild Beasts, Porno Holocaust, SS Girls, Emmanuelle and the White Slave Trade, Burial Ground, Lady Libertine and Private Collections...

CRUCIBLE OF TERROR from Severin Films

US company Severin Films will release Ted Hooker's 1971 horror film CRUCIBLE OF TERROR on October 26. Previously released by Image Entertainment in the US and Cinema Club in the UK, Severin Films promise a new transfer.

tisdag 27 juli 2010

THE FISHMEN & THEIR QUEEN from Mya Communication

EDIT: Updated with cover artwork and synopsis

US company Mya Communication will release Sergio Martino's 1995 film La regina degli uomini pesce, the sequel to L'isola degli uomini pesce, and the release date is November 23.

After the fateful events depicted in "Island of The Fishmen", The Fishmen and Their Queen steps up the game. Two teenagers prowl a devastated landscape, polluted by radioactive waste in search for food. On their quest of survival, they meet Socrates, a man who takes them to an island that seems a far cry away from the urban misery they struggled in. But the two youngsters ignore that the island is ruled by a beautiful but ruthless queen whose slaves are the hideous fishmen.

lördag 24 juli 2010

Ken Russell's THE DEVILS on DVD in Spain

Warner Bros in Spain will release Ken Russell's THE DEVILS (1971) on July 28. According to online shops, the tech specs are:

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Audio: English, Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish
Run Time: 111 min

torsdag 22 juli 2010



Italian company Sinister Film have released Edmond T. Gréville's 1960 version of THE HANDS OF ORLAC, starring Mel Ferrer, Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasance. According to the online shop Kultvideo, the tech specs are:

Aspect ratio: 1.66:1 (16:9)
Audio: French, Italian
Subtitles: Italian
Run time: 104 min.

fredag 16 juli 2010

George Hilton double bill from Wild East

Uno di più all'inferno (Giovanni Fago, 1968)
Il momento di uccidere (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1968)

Release date to be confirmed...

måndag 12 juli 2010

THE NAKED EDGE coming from Cornerstone Media

Michael Anderson's 1961 thriller featuring Gary Cooper in his final role and an appearance by Peter Cushing, will be released by UK company Cornerstone Media on November 29.

George Radcliffe's testimony sends Donald Heath to prison for murder and the theft of over 60,000 pounds. Soon after, Radcliffe invests a large sum of money in an ultimately profitable business venture. Martha Radcliffe begins to suspect her husband of the crime.

fredag 9 juli 2010

THE MAN CALLED NOON coming from Odeon Entertainment

Peter Collinson's 1973 western film THE MAN CALLED NOON, starring Richard Crenna, Stephen Boyd, Farley Granger and Aldo Sambrell, will be released by Odeon Entertainment on August 23.

A gunslinger known as The Man Called Noon (Richard Crenna) loses his memory after being shot during a surprise attack. As he searches for his identity, it becomes clear that he is on a mission to avenge the deaths of his wife and child. He meets and befriends outlaw R. B. Rimes (Stephen Boyd) and he receives comfort from a lady named Fan (Rosanna Schiaffino). Together, they try to piece together the clues and discover who shot him and just who he is. The villain proves to be Judge Niland (Farley Granger), and the trio go to extraordinary lengths to put him out of action.

onsdag 7 juli 2010

Castellari's LIGHT BLAST from Code Red in October

Code Red will release Enzo G. Castellari's 1985 thriller Colpi di luce aka Light Blast, starring Erik Estrada, on October 12. More info when available.

PSYCHOMANIA from Severin Films

Severin Films have announced their release of Don Sharp's 1973 classic zombie biker film Psychomania. Previously released by Image Entertainment in 2000 as part of their Euroshock Collection, it's been out of print for a couple of years. Severin Films presents a brand new high definition transfer and cool extras - can't wait until October!

More info on DESIRABLE TEACHER 2 from Mya

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the classroom again, Alvaro Vitali is going to wreak all possible havoc on your senses! After the smash hit of the first installment, the usual suspects round up once more for your pleasure. The hellish kid with the face of Alvaro Vitali doesn't want to grow up and has his eyes firmly set on the curves of his new principal (played as usual by the smokin' hot Michela Miti). His grades are worse than ever but he doesn't care. He just wants to have fun and, well, to get laid. But that's easier said than done!

måndag 5 juli 2010

NIGHTMARE finally announced by Code Red

Code Red's most troubled production will finally hit the streets soon. In their official blog, they explain why it's not out yet and what to expect in terms of picture quality, supplements etc.

"In any event, the long wait is finally over. NIGHTMARE is coming to DVD in 2010 in its best possible presentation."

The release date has yet to be determined.

MORGIANA from Second Run DVD in September

Often described as the 'last' film of the Czech New Wave, Juraj Herz's delirious tale of terror is a fantastical and surreal phantasmagoria of dark desires and splintered minds. Morgiana, based on a short story by Aleksandr Grin, (the 'Russian Poe'), is the story of two sisters, Klára and Viktoria who live a life of decadent excess stranded somewhere between the mid-19th and early 20th century. Klára is blonde and beautiful, whilst Viktoria is ugly, sadistic, bursting with hate and jealousy - and hatches a terrible revenge by slowly poisoning her more popular sister. As the poison takes hold, Klára begins to lose grip on her sanity... Part fairy-tale, part Gothic horror Morgiana is a full-blown hallucinatory experience from the director of The Cremator (also available on Second Run DVD).

Release date: September 27

fredag 2 juli 2010

René Cardona Jr. adventure film in VCI "Family 4 pack"

ZINDY THE SWAMP BOY (Zindy, el fugitivo de los pantanos, René Cardona Jr. 1973) A grandfather and his young grandson named Zindy get lost in the jungle. During their attempt to find a way home, a terrible storm hits and Zindy’s grandfather is swallowed by the swamp. Zindy is left to raise himself in the jungle amongst the savage beasts. Zindy luckily finds the help of a new found friend, and together embark on an adventure that they will never forget. 87min, 1972, 1.33:1, Not Rated

The other films in the 4-pack:

GEORGE!: In this comedy, the quiet life of an airplane pilot (Marshall Thompson) living in Switzerland is terribly disrupted when his sister gets married for the fourth time and bequeaths him her 250-pound St. Bernard. The bachelor and the big slobbery dog do not immediately become friends. Later they bond when the St. Bernard saves the bachelor's life during an avalanche. 86min, 1972, 1.33:1, PG

FRASIER THE LOVEABLE LION: Professor Marvin Feldman (Michael Callan) loves animals more than the beings of the human race, including his students. He lives at home with his overbearing mother who calls his prized Amazonian parrot a "fancy chicken". Fortuitously, Marvin gets a chance to spend some time with a wildlife refuge in California. There, he is introduced to Frazier, an older lion whose youthfulness is still amazing. One day, Marvin travels alone to observe the lions when Frazier starts to talk with English. Once word gets out that the king of the beasts is communicating with a human, the spotlight shines on the animal sanctuary. Does Frazier have something to tell and teach to the supposedly superior beings of this planet? 97min, 1973, 1.85:1, PG

MULE FEATHERS: Narrated by Don Knotts, the movie is about a roving preacher traveling the countryside in the company of a hilarious talking mule (voice by Don Knotts) and stumbles upon a search for hidden gold treasure that turns into a close encounter with an angry, grizzled Rory Calhoun. 90min, 1977, 1.33:1, PG

söndag 27 juni 2010

More stuff from Code Red in September

Up for pre-order are NIGHT CHILD (Il medaglione insanguinato, Massimo Dallamano 1975) and EXTERMINATORS OF THE YEAR 3000 (Gli sterminatori dell'anno 3000, Giuliano Carnimeo 1983). The release dates are September 7 and September 21. More info when available...

lördag 26 juni 2010

THE BREAK from Odeon on July 26

When writer Greg Parker (Tony Britton) goes on holiday to get some perspective on his upcoming divorce, little does he expect to be lodging in the same B&B as an escaped murderer, (Jacko Thomas - William Lucas). When an undercover detective is brutally murdered after picking up the scent, events take a dangerous turn for the worse. But will Jacko's sister Sue (Christina Gregg) realise her brother is a killer in time to help Parker escape his clutches?

Starring Tony Britton, Robert Urquhart, William Lucas & Eddie Lucas. Directed by Lance Comfort

Desirable Teacher 2 from Mya Communication October 28

A while ago Mya Communication released Desirable Teacher (Pierino contro tutti, Marino Girolami 1981), and on October 28 they will release the sequel Pierino colpisce ancora (Desirable Teacher 2, Marino Girolami 1982), once again starring Alvaro Vitali as Pierino.