onsdag 30 december 2009

March 30 R1 DVD artwork and synopses

Kreola is a stunning woman happily married to her husband Andy, a successful photographer. Together they decide to fly to Santo Domingo due to a work assignment of Andy. The gorgeous island, hauntingly beautiful yet still savage and full of lusty temptations, proves to be lethal to Kreola's fidelity. When she meets fisherman Leon, she realizes that she will debase herself to the lowest level just to please the man's whims. Aflame with desire and lust, Kreola is caught in a whirlwind of violent emotions and no holds barred sex.

John is a British diplomat; he's married to Angela, a beautiful former model with a taste for hot lovemaking. But John doesn't want to be with Angela anymore and with his mistress Eva he comes up with a plan to kill his wife. Something goes awfully wrong: no longer the schemer and would-be killer, John finds himself on a deadly list. Who's the mastermind behind this setup? Gianni is running out of time and all odds are against him. Torn between Angela and Eva, he has to make a quick decision in order to stay alive!

Vampires are in the public eye like never before. In books, TV and the movies, it seems audiences can't get enough of them. In this spirit we present one of the most original and yet rarely seen vampire films of them all. Since it was first mentioned in Barrie Pattison's Seal of Dracula, the groundbreaking book on vampire cinema, The Sadist with Red Teeth has been eagerly sought after by collectors. Long believed lost, we have now remastered the film from rare and newly rediscovered vault elements. Our special edition disc pairs the film with another sought after rarity - Forbidden Paris.

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