tisdag 29 december 2009

German WIP coming to R1 DVD

US grey area company Substance will release Kurt Raab & Peter Kern's 1983 WIP film Die Insel der blutigen Plantage starring Udo Kier on March 9, 2010.

On a beautiful, isolated South Pacific island, a brutal ex-Nazi prison camp commandant and his sadistic followers have seized control from the native inhabitants. Having eliminated the native adult males, the commandant and his henchmen rule the remaining female population with forced hard labor and torture by day, and forced fulfillment of their carnal pleasures by night. The natives only hope for escape from this "Plantation in Hell," lies with the youngest guard, Hartman, who finds himself falling in love with the beautiful young native girl, Cora. Together they lead a desperate, bloody uprising for freedom and escape.

Widescreen, German and English audio.

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