tisdag 24 november 2009

THE MOONRAKER (1958) coming to DVD

Based on the play by Arthur Watkyn


Starring George Baker, Sylvia Syms,
Peter Arne and Marius Goring
Directed by David MacDonald
Out To Own On DVD January 18th 2010

It is 1651. The English Civil War has officially been over for two years, but the country is still split by the conflict between the Royalists, who want to see King Charles II on the throne, and the Roundheads, followers of Oliver Cromwell. The Roundheads’ most feared adversary is a Royalist known to them only as The Moonraker. His courage, skill with the sword and quick wits, have kept him at liberty despite all their efforts. Cromwell has become increasingly perturbed by the Moonraker’s activities and demands an all out campaign to capture him.
An exciting adventure story ensues, in the best swashbuckling tradition, complete with swordplay, moonlight rendezvous, double agents and a passionate romance.

Extras: Trailer
Tech specs: R/T: 80 mins / Aspect ratio: 16:9 / Region: 2 / Pal / English Language /Mono / Colour

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