onsdag 7 oktober 2009

January 26 R1 titles artwork and synopses

In the age of Aquarius, the Gemini twins share everything: love...men...and murder!! Jacki (TO SIR WITH LOVE's Judy Geeson) and Julian (SATYRICON's Martin Potter) are 20-year-old twins with an unusually close relationship. Their bizarre fantasy world isshattered by the arrival of Clive, a London small-time criminal with a massive gambling debt. As the twins become exposed to the seamy underbelly of the swinging '60s London nightlife, their relationship becomes strained and twisted.

Four beautiful young women surrender to the fiendishly charm of Lucifer himself. But their nights of unholy pleasure have a price: they can't have sex with other men, for the Lord of Darkness is a very jealous lover indeed. The otherworldly fruits of these bestial couplings go by the names of Almarisa and Daria. While the former starts to loathe herself as soon as she realizes who her father really is, the latter perversely learns how to enjoy her devilish skills to wreak havoc in the human world. To put an end to her hellish endeavours, a very unlikely exorcist is enlisted.

Impulse Pictures presents the sixth volume of the best-selling SCHOOLGIRL REPORT erotic film series. After two students are caught doing "extra-curricular" activities in an abandoned school classroom, they plead their case to the student council. To the headmaster's surprise, the teen lovers expose what's REALLY going on in their school behind closed doors. SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 6: WHAT PARENTS WOULD GLADLY HUSH UP is a raunchy, sex-filled slice of German exploitation filmmaking.

How do Catholics enjoy sex when the always glowing threat of sin is bestowed upon them by God's rightful sword? Well, for starters you could seek out the advice of your local priest and try to work out issues that are obviously at odds like pleasure and guilt. A forgotten but very accurate portrait of mid-seventies Italy, the film captures some of the most sensitive problems that had to be faced by Catholic women like prenuptial intercourse, open weddings and homosexuality.

The boss of an luxury London fur company falls for a mobster's moll. Scantily clad women in closets, mistaken identities, accusations and cover-ups run rampant as this simple transaction turns hilariously wrong! Starring the UK's favorite comedic talent Julie Ege, Leslie Philips and Barbara Windsor, Not Now Darling is a furiously funny British comedy classic filled with innuendo and fast-paced, quick-witted dialogue.

A new teacher (the breath-takingly hot Michela Miti) sets the hormones of the whole school on fire! She's lovely, beautiful, smart, and hotter than hell. Who cares about history, geography and math when every student in the room has their eyes firmly fixed on her miniskirt and her pants? Led by the laziest and most unlikely student of them all - the mighty cultural trash icon Alvaro Vitali, worshipped by cult director Eli Roth - the students set out to conquer the school's most cherished forbidden fruit.

Gerald and Jacqueline are a bored married couple in middle-class suburbia looking for some extra-marital action. While Gerald gets his thrills from a brand new E-type Jaguar, his wife takes the car salesman for a spin! Reminiscent of the Carry On series, this is a hilariously cheeky British comedy, never before released in the US, starring Julie Walters and Ian Charleson.

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