tisdag 18 augusti 2009


Coming from Odeon Entertainment on September 21 is SEX AND THE OTHER WOMAN, directed by Stanley A. Long in 1972. It's paired with THIS, THAT & THE OTHER aka A PROMISE IN BED (Derek Ford, 1969).

Stanley Long, who enjoyed a career spanning three decades directing, writing and producing exploitation films in Great Britain, was behind the camera for this sex-accented comedy-drama. SEX AND THE OTHER WOMAN tells four stories of previously faithful husbands who are lured into adultery by liberated but lascivious women who show little concern for the sanctity of marriage. SEX AND THE OTHER WOMAN stars Peggy Ann Clifford, Maggie Wright, Jane Cardew, and Felicity Devonshire.

In THIS, THAT AND THE OTHER, a bountiful blonde woman saves a despondent fellow from suicide and teaches him to love life again. Meanwhile a sexy aspiring actress seduces the son of a man whom she believes is a powerful producer, and a cabbie dreams of a world filled with bikini clad women and exotic dancers.

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