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October 27 artwork and synopses

The Man From Oklahoma
The Man From Oklahoma was produced and directed by the legendary Balcazar family. Alfonso helped write the script, J. Jesus directed, and the family produced the film.The story begins with the beating and murder of the local town sheriff by the son and hands of the local land baron Rod Edwards (Jose Calvo, Fistful of Dollars, Fort Yuma Gold). Edwards' is rumored to have killed his business rival, the father of Georgina White (Sabine Bethmann, Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard). Plenty of plot twists and turns as Oklahoma (Rick Horn), the newly appointed Sheriff, sifts through...

Gatling Gun
Captain Chris Tanner (Robert Woods, Savage Guns, Four Dollars for Vengeance) is racing against the clock. He has been found guilty of treason by a court martial for his role in the "Gatling Affair". His only true ally (Tom Felleghy, Fantastic Argoman, Oklahoma John) secretly has Tanner switch places with another prisoner and has him temporarily released from his death sentence.

Family Scandal
Isabella (Martine Brochard) recently lost her husband, accidentally bitten to death. This sudden death also spoiled the fragile relationship she already had with her teenager daughter Lory (Elisabetta Virgili). While Lory becomes the lover of the boss of a small criminal gang, Marco (Philippe Leroy) comes to stay to Isabella's house. Marco was a friend of Isabella's husband and he had promised to him that in case of an accident he would take care of his family. Soon Lory becomes jealous of her mother's friend and tries to seduce Marco herself.

Hanna D: The Girl From Vondel Park
Within months of the release of the 'sweet-teen-turned-heroin-addict-prostitute' hit CHRISTIANE F., European producers rushed to copy its shocking plot. But no film aimed lower than this 1984 filth-fest from writer/director 'Axel Berger', a.k.a. Italian SleazeMaster Rino Di Silvestro of WEREWOLF WOMAN and WOMEN IN CELL BLOCK 7 infamy. As Dutch schoolgirl Hanna D, Ann-Gisel Glass delivers an eye-popping performance that takes her from coy teenage tease to depraved junkie whore, complete with a parade of perversion that includes voyeurism, mutilation, sleazy pimps, drunk nude mothers and more.

Born of Fire
Sometimes described as "the world's first Islamic horror film". Born of Fire is a visually stunning trip through a world of mysticism and magic, in the style of Jodorowsky's El Topo and Magic Mountain. In London, a musician finds himself assailed by visions of fire and destruction and is unable to finish an important concert. Later, he is contacted by a beautiful and mysterious woman who tells him that his problems are in some way connected with unusual solar activity and volcanic eruptions in a remote part of Turkey.

Tinto Brass Collection volume 3
Before Caligula and Salon Kitty came the Tinto Brass 1960's Psychedelic Classics. Welcome to the sexual revolution as only Tinto Brass could have imagined it! Featuring Deadly Sweet (Col Cuore in Gola) a cinema fumetti pop art giallo thriller, starring the sexy Ewa Aulin (Candy). The Howl (L'Urlo) a surreal cult classic, with Tina Aumont (daughter of Maria Montez) now for the first time ever Uncut on DVD. And Attraction (Nerosubianco), a psychedelic pop art experience, with music by Freedom (ex Procal Harem).

Graveyard Disturbance
Five teen friends are running from the police after they have robbed a supermarket. After passing through a thick blanket of fog, they end up in very strange inn, populated by a group a spooky people. The deformed inn keeper challenges them to spend the whole night in the underground catacombs located beneath the nearby church: if they succeed they will win a fabulous treasure. The five friends accept the challenge, unaware of the danger they are going to face…

Django Shoots First
Django (Glenn Saxson) finds his father's corpse in the hands of a bounty hunter. After claiming the bounty for himself, he discovers his father was the partner of the local banker (Nando Gazzlo) and owned half of everything in town. With an outgoing local (Fernando Sancho) at his side, he fights for his inheritance. A must-own European western with plenty of action and the perfect ending. Directed by the brilliant Alberto De Martino. Bruno Nicolai lends his talent for the musical composition. Also starring Evelyn Stewart, Jessica Cluster, Erika Blanc, and Alberto Lupo.

Evil Face
Baron Ivan Rassimov, a brilliant doctor, died horribly during a fire burst in his laboratory. Since that day, his daughter Tanja (Katia Christine) retired to a life of reclusion, covering with a dark veil her disfigured face. Professor Nijinski (Klaus Kinski) was once a student of Rassimov; he married Tanja, and he's trying to restore her lost beauty with a series of skin transplants. However, to reach his goal, professor Nijinski needs beautiful young victims for his transplant experiments.

From The Orient With Fury
The brilliant professor Kurtz has invented a machine so powerful, it can disintegrate anything. However, the enemy would stop at nothing to control Professor Kurtz's invention. He is kidnapped, and so begins the long search for Professor Kurtz and the struggle for his notes. Dick Maloy (Ken Clark) leaves nothing to chance as he fights to rescue Professor Kurtz. Agent Evelyn Stone (Margaret Lee) helps Dick find the island headquarters where the Professor is being forced to create his disintegrating weapon.

Night of Death!
There's something strange going on at Deadlock House, a secluded French retirement home.The residents seem like nice people, but employees are disappearing and the whole place seems a bit odd. The boarders are vegetarian, the house director plays the same creepy tune on the piano over and over again, and one man, in particular, seems overly violent and aggressive. Unfortunately for Martine (Isabelle Goguey), the new staff nurse, she's about to discover the horrifying secret of Deadlock House… a secret so horrifying, she may not live to see the dawn.

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