lördag 11 juli 2009

MAN IN THE MOON coming to R2 DVD in July

Basil Dearden's 1960 sci fi comedy MAN IN THE MOON will be released by Network DVD on July 20.

William Blood is Mr. Normal, yet he is also a rather strange man. He has an inability to worry, and an inability to become ill, enabling him to make his living as a human guinea pig. One assignment, from the Common Cold Research Station, finds him sleeping in a field. On waking, he sees a beautiful woman running to the railway station. But William is also immune to women… or so he believes.When William reports his results, he is sacked for failing to contract a cold. Setting off to find another job, he bumps into the young woman, Polly, once again. However, a team of ‘NASTI’ scientists have an extraordinary mission planned for William: rather than risk the lives of highly trained astronauts, they want to send him to the moon. But has William finally succumbed to the disease that is incurable – love?Kenneth More (Reach for the Stars, The Forsyte Saga) takes the lead role opposite Shirley Anne Field (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning) in this marvellously madcap sci-fi comedy directed by Basil Dearden (The Blue Lamp, Sapphire) and jointly scripted by the multi-award winning Bryan Forbes (Whistle Down the Wind) and Oscar-nominee Michael Relph (An Unsuitable Job for a Woman).

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