tisdag 7 juli 2009

THE GRAND DUEL coming to R2 DVD in August

German company KSM will release Giancarlo Santi's 1972 western IL GRANDE DUELLO aka THE GRAND DUEL, starring Lee Van Cleef. According to the company's website, it will be 2.35:1 widescreen, English and German audio, run time 89 minutes. It was previously released by Wild East in a cut version, so let's hope this one will be uncut - release date August 6.

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johan077 sa...

to set the record straight on the cut comment I checked with Eric at Wild East and his comment was:Oh god, not this again! Evidently in another version of this film there is a piece of cake that was moved on a plate for a mere couple of frames. The shot of the cake is in the Wild East version, but it is (horror of horrors) missing the piece being moved on the plate! A big stink was made by someone who deemed this incredibly short piece of footage integral to the plot and proceeded to proclaim that the Wild East version was therefore "cut". Anyone who bitches about something that trivial has WAY too much time on their hands! Wild East tries their best to restore all known footage available to their prints, but I have to admit, they missed this vital sequence! Oh, the shame!


Magnus sa...

thanks for the comment, haven't compared the different versions myself, so i'm definitely not bitching about it. the website 10,000 Bullets claims that it's cut by 7 minutes... http://10kbullets.com/reviews/beyond-the-lawthe-grand-duel/

johan077 sa...

i started a thread on this at the Spaghetti Western Board as I wanted clarification on if it was cur or not as I like to ensure I have the most complete copy of all movies I get. Little did I know the detailed debate that would take off :)
It would seem it is actually cut by 5-7 min but it's in few seconds increments that have no impact on the storyline etc.