lördag 6 juni 2009

Forthcoming R1 titles September 29

Cult Epics:
Nerosubianco (Attraction, Tinto Brass 1969)

Burke & Hare (Vernon Sewell, 1972)
Daughter of Darkness (Lance Comfort, 1948)

Mya Communication:
L'amante del demonio (Lucifera - Demon Lover, Paolo Lombardo 1972)
America così nuda, così violenta (Naked and Violent, Sergio Martino 1970)
Fino alla morte (Until Death, Lamberto Bava 1987)

2 kommentarer:

Martin sa...

Why not a Twitter account? Would be perfect for all this info.

Amsterdamned is coming to dvd:

Magnus sa...

thanks for the news! not interested in twitter at the moment...