tisdag 19 maj 2009


On June 8, Naughty DVD will release Nuits chaudes de Justine directed by Jean-Claude Roy in 1976.

Mik Farez (Philippe Gaste) is an out of work 'serious' film director. A sleazy producer with a mirrored floor and a naughty and knickerless secretary offers him the chance to direct a new movie, but he’s told that it must be a sex film. With just one evening to come up a script, Mik is bereft of ideas. However, following a steamy sex session with his willing wife, the kinky couple dream up all manner of sexy scenarios for the movie. These are portrayed as a series of erotic and often amusing vignettes, each of which revolves around a cute young girl in black stockings called Justine, whom they have recently seen performing in a nude ballet...

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