söndag 3 maj 2009

HELL'S HEROES coming to R1 DVD in August

US company First Look have announced the release of EROI DELL'INFERNO aka Hell's Heroes under the title Inglorious Bastards 2. It was directed in 1987 by Stelvio Massi and features Fred Williamson and Miles O'Keefe. The release date is August 18. More info when available.

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Anonym sa...

Thank you for the excellent blog!

Magnus sa...

thanks for reading!

Roger sa...

Great blog and amazing news!
On amazon.com and other online stores it says that runtime for this DVD is 360 minutes, and on the cover it reads "4 inglorius film collection" - do you happen to know what other films are included?

Personally I'm hoping for DELTA FORCE COMMANDO starring Williamson and Bo Svensson.

Magnus sa...


I think the info on amazon is wrong, I have seen the run time 88 minutes elsewhere.

I agree that "4 inglorious film collection" is confusing, it might mean it's the first in a series of similar films. I guess we'll find out in August - fingers crossed!