lördag 11 april 2009

Lance Comfort thriller double-bill from Odeon Entertainment

As previously reported, Odeon Entertainment will release the two Lance Comfort thrillers THE PAINTED SMILE (1962) and RAG DOLL (1958) on May 18.

The Painted Smile - After a night out with the boys Tom (Tony Wickert) goes home with Jo (Liz Fraser) only to find her has been boyfriend stabbed to death in her bedroom. Scared and desperate Jo threatens to accuse Tom of murder unless he helps dispose of the body. In a race against time and the Police, Tom has to find Jo and get her to testify his innocence.

Rag Doll - Handsome pop star turned actor Jess Conrad plays singing crook Jo Shane who attracts the eye of naive runaway Carol (Christian Gregg). When she falls in love with him, Jo turns her against her new-found keeper Wilson (Kenneth Griffith). Starring entertainer Jess Conrad in Rag Doll and 60's pin-up and Carry On stalwart Liz Fraser, Nanette Newman (The Stepford Wives) and David Hemmings (Blow Up, Gladiator) in The Painted Smile.

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