lördag 11 april 2009

CHOKE CANYON coming from Code Red

Code Red will release CHOKE CANYON on June 23. The film was directed in 1986 by Charles Bail, but to me the most interesting thing about it is that the script was written by Ovidio G. Assonitis and Alfonso Brescia.

To Dr. David Lowell (Stephen Collins, 7TH HEAVEN), Choke Canyon was the only location where he could conduct a vital experiment involving Halley's Comet and the production of safe, inexhaustible power. But to the Pilgrim Corporation's ruthless executive Brooke Alstair (Lance Henriksen, ALIENS, PUMPKINHEAD), it was an ideal spot to dispose of a deadly load of illegal nuclear waste. Lead by a veteran mercenary (Bo Svenson, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, KILL BILL), the corporation's hired guns come after Lowell with everything they've got! Filled with careening off-road chases and exciting plane and helicopter dog fights, CHOKE CANYON is a high energy action thriller directed by Veteran action director Chuck Bail (THE GUMBALL RALLY).

Brand New 16x9 widescreen master from the original negatives in Italy
Audio commentary with the late producer Peter Shepard, moderated by Lee Christian
BO SVENSON, STAR WHO IS ALWAYS WALKING TALL - an on camera interview with star BO SVENSON
Original Trailer

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