torsdag 30 april 2009


Here's the artwork for the May 25 release of ORDEAL BY INNOCENCE from Optimum Releasing. Unfortunately, their release of RIDER ON THE RAIN seems to be delayed.

måndag 27 april 2009

BATTLE OF THE GODFATHERS from Eyecatcher Movies

German company Eyecatcher Movies have announced that they will release the German/Italian co-production Zinksärge für die Goldjungen aka Il re della mala aka Battle of the Godfathers in 2009. The film was directed in 1973 by Jürgen Roland and stars Herbert Fleischmann and Henry Silva. Stay tuned for more info...

söndag 26 april 2009

WEEKEND MURDERS coming from Code Red in July!

Code Red have announced (well, sort of...) the release of Italian giallo Concerto per pistola solista aka Weekend Murders, directed by Michele Lupo in 1970 and starring Ida Galli, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Anna Moffo and Peter Baldwin. It will be an anamorphic 2.35:1 hi-def master and is scheduled for release on July 21.

lördag 25 april 2009

New releases from MYA COMMUNICATION on August 25

SESSO IN TESTA (Italian Sex, Sergio Ammirata & Fernando Di Leo 1974)
DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE (A cena col vampiro, Lamberto Bava 1988)
E VENNE IL GIORNO DEI LIMONI NERI (Mafia Connection, Camillo Bazzoni 1970)

torsdag 23 april 2009

New spaghetti western 2-fer from Wild East Productions

Coming from Wild East Productions in June:

Kill or Be Killed (Uccidi o muori, 1967)
theatrical version in its original aspect ratio: 2:35 16x9 Anamorphic English language

Kill the Wicked! (Dio non paga il sabato, 1967)
theatrical version in its original aspect ratio: 2:35 16x9 Anamorphic English language

Both films directed by Tanio Boccia aka Amerigo Anton.

onsdag 22 april 2009


Sony/Universal in Scandinavia will release THE STONE KILLER, an Italian/US co-production directed by Michael Winner in 1973 and starring Charles Bronson and Martin Balsam. The release date is June 24, 2009.

lördag 11 april 2009

Alberto Cavallone's L'uomo la donna e la bestia coming to DVD

A US company called Thunder Island Releasing has announced the release of Alberto Cavallone's L'uomo la donna e la bestia aka Man, Woman and Beast (1976) on June 16, 2009. The film will be in widescreen with Italian audio and English subtitles. Very little info can be found on this company, and it looks rather suspicious. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Scandalous Photos coming to DVD

UK company Naughty will release Jean-Claude Roy's erotic thriller PHOTOS SCANDALE aka Scandalous Photos, made in 1979 and starring Brigitte Lahaie. The release date is April 27, 2009.

More classic French erotica in another raunchy romp from the French producer responsible for the Naughty DVD sex epics EDUCATION ANGLASE and DRESSAGE!

French erotic sensation Brigitte Lahaie stars as Juliette, an ex- prostitute whose twin passions in life are men and money. When she isn't indulging in steamy sex sessions, Juliette and her lover Chris plan to blackmail young heiresses by photographing them in highly compromising situations, and their task is abetted when Juliette's sister Diana - who works as a high-class hooker - gives the couple a list of the daughters of wealthy businessmen who are looking for a bit of rough.

So, Chris picks up the posh totty in various nightclubs and it's back to his place for bedroom shenanigans whilst Juliette takes some highly incriminating and embarrassing photographs and also gets down and dirty with the delectable girls. Meanwhile, a private detective is hired by one of the wayward wenches fathers (played by Marcel Charvey from BELLE DE JOUR) to track down the blackmailers and soon starts sifting through the sleaze to find the shocking snaps before it’s too late.


The release date for Luigi Bazzoni's Le orme aka Footprints has been set to August 29, 2009.

Almar of Shameless shares this information on their official website:

"By all accounts the master is looking better than hoped as well which I'm excited about because the visuals are the real power of this baby"

Lance Comfort thriller double-bill from Odeon Entertainment

As previously reported, Odeon Entertainment will release the two Lance Comfort thrillers THE PAINTED SMILE (1962) and RAG DOLL (1958) on May 18.

The Painted Smile - After a night out with the boys Tom (Tony Wickert) goes home with Jo (Liz Fraser) only to find her has been boyfriend stabbed to death in her bedroom. Scared and desperate Jo threatens to accuse Tom of murder unless he helps dispose of the body. In a race against time and the Police, Tom has to find Jo and get her to testify his innocence.

Rag Doll - Handsome pop star turned actor Jess Conrad plays singing crook Jo Shane who attracts the eye of naive runaway Carol (Christian Gregg). When she falls in love with him, Jo turns her against her new-found keeper Wilson (Kenneth Griffith). Starring entertainer Jess Conrad in Rag Doll and 60's pin-up and Carry On stalwart Liz Fraser, Nanette Newman (The Stepford Wives) and David Hemmings (Blow Up, Gladiator) in The Painted Smile.

Rene Cardona's BIRDS OF PREY coming to DVD

Rene Cardona Jr's El Ataque de los pájaros aka Birds of Prey (1987) will be released on April 17 by German company CMV Laservision. Aspect ratio 1.33:1, English and German audio.

CHOKE CANYON coming from Code Red

Code Red will release CHOKE CANYON on June 23. The film was directed in 1986 by Charles Bail, but to me the most interesting thing about it is that the script was written by Ovidio G. Assonitis and Alfonso Brescia.

To Dr. David Lowell (Stephen Collins, 7TH HEAVEN), Choke Canyon was the only location where he could conduct a vital experiment involving Halley's Comet and the production of safe, inexhaustible power. But to the Pilgrim Corporation's ruthless executive Brooke Alstair (Lance Henriksen, ALIENS, PUMPKINHEAD), it was an ideal spot to dispose of a deadly load of illegal nuclear waste. Lead by a veteran mercenary (Bo Svenson, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, KILL BILL), the corporation's hired guns come after Lowell with everything they've got! Filled with careening off-road chases and exciting plane and helicopter dog fights, CHOKE CANYON is a high energy action thriller directed by Veteran action director Chuck Bail (THE GUMBALL RALLY).

Brand New 16x9 widescreen master from the original negatives in Italy
Audio commentary with the late producer Peter Shepard, moderated by Lee Christian
BO SVENSON, STAR WHO IS ALWAYS WALKING TALL - an on camera interview with star BO SVENSON
Original Trailer

torsdag 9 april 2009

L'URLO by Tinto Brass coming from Cult Epics

Cult Epics will release L'URLO aka THE HOWL directed by Tinto Brass in 1970, and it will hit the shops on July 28.

The Howl is a true surrealist cult classic, filled with eye-shattering imagery, visual jokes, impossible characters, riotous comedy, and punk rock music well before its time. A young bride escapes her wedding ceremony with a stranger and together they set off on an epic journey though increasingly bizarre lands. They encounter talking animals and mournful exhibitionists, converse with a discoursing rock, journey through a surrealist's psychedelic hotel, instigate a prison riot, escape from naked cannibals living in a tree and battle a wind-up midget dictator! Featuring legendary Tina Aumont (Casanova) as the bride and Italy's great clown Luigi Proietti as her make-shift partner, The Howl challenges authority and convention in the true anarchist spirit of the 1960s. Tinto Brass, famous for his later erotica, presents one of the greatest works of the era-along with A Clock Work Orange, a film he was asked to direct, but instead made The Howl; one of the strangest films ever! Cult Epics presents the rare, original version of The Howl, taken directly from Tinto Brass's personal print.

onsdag 8 april 2009

Castellari's EAGLES OVER LONDON coming in July

As previously reported, Severin Films will release Enzo G. Castellari's war epic La battaglia d'Inghilterra aka Eagles Over London (1969). Now the release date has been set to July 28, 2009. No tech specs at the moment... stay tuned!

Nine years before his WWII classic INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, Enzo Castellari virtually invented the 'Macaroni Combat' genre with this over-the-top saga of valor, vengeance and machine-gun mayhem. Hollywood legend Van Johnson (THE CAINE MUTINY) and Frederick Stafford (Hitchcock's TOPAZ) star as military officers pursuing a merciless team of Nazi saboteurs through war-ravaged London, featuring Castellari's jaw-dropping recreations of the evacuation of Dunkirk, the Battle Of Britain and more. Francisco Rabal (NIGHTMARE CITY), Ida Galli (THE PSYCHIC) and Luigi Pistilli (THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY) co-star in this explosive epic – also known as BATTLE SQUADRON – now restored on DVD for the first time ever in America!

söndag 5 april 2009

Fauci crudeli aka Cruel Jaws by Bruno Mattei

Cruel Jaws directed by Bruno Mattei in 1995 will be released by Italian company Stormovie on May 21. It will be an anamorphic widescreen editon with English and Italian language options.


Caligola, la storia mai raccontata, directed by Joe D'Amato in 1982 and starring Laura Gemser, will be released by Italian company Stormovie on May 21. It will be 2 discs contain two versions, 125 min and 102 min. Italian and English language options. Aspect ratio 1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen.