torsdag 26 februari 2009

Two spaghetti westerns from UK company Pegasus out March 2

STORM RIDER (Il grande duello, Giancarlo Santi 1972)
Lee Van Cleef stars in this gritty western as Sheriff Clayton, a one man judge, jury and executioner determined to see justice done. Wrongly accused of murder, Philipp Wermeer is a wanted man - dead or alive! His alleged victim was the father of three brothers, the Saxon boys, who have an iron grip on a small town where the locals live in fear. Clayton must face down bounty hunters and all three of the Saxon brothers to uphold the law in the Wild West. Please note that this release was cut 5 seconds by the BBFC. "Distributor was required to remove a shot of an illegal horse fall in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and Policy."

ANY GUN CAN PLAY (Vado... l'ammazzo e torno, Enzo G. Castellari 1967)
When an armed train carrying a treasure is attacked and the money disappears, three men embark on a mission to find the fortune. One is a notorious bandit known as Monetero, infamous for his daring raids and one is a straight-laced banker named Clayton, who is determined to retrieve the money that was in his protection. The third is simply known as The Stranger, a mysterious bounty hunter whose loyalties and intentions are unclear. $300,000 in gold awaits the last man standing in this tale of deceit and murder.

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