måndag 23 februari 2009


On April 24, Media Blasters will release RAREFLIX TRIPLE FEATURE VOL. 4, including Antonio Margheriti's OPERAZIONE GOLDMAN aka LIGHTNING BOLT (1966). No tech specs yet... here's the press release:

Fans of obscure films will rejoice as Rareflix puts together another triple feature of celluloid that might otherwise have slipped away (and probably should have). The collection kicks off with BOOGIEVISION, a nonsensical dope-fueled ride through what passed as 1970s fodder for the drive-in make-out crowd. Then it’s time for Antonio Margheriti’s LIGHTNING BOLT, a spaghetti-spy film full of enough bad James Bond rip-offs to inspire a drinking game--and hilarious dubbing to match. Finally, the collection finishes up with TRANSFORMED, a martial arts extravaganza starring Fred Williamson and destined to achieve cult status. All three films are schlocky, over-the-top, and a lot more fun than surfing through bad cable.

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