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More goodies on R1 DVD April 28!

Just announced:

Mya Communication
CRAVING DESIRE (Graffiante desiderio, Sergio Martino 1993)
Luigi Muscati (Ron Nummi) is a successful man. He is engaged with Cinzia (Simona Borioni), a girl from a wealthy family, and his career is about to step forward thanks to a very profitable business he’s dealing with. During a visit to Naples, he meets his young cousin Sonia (Vittoria Belvedere). No longer the little girl he played with as a child, she has blossomed into a sensuous and provocative young woman. On his return home, Sonia turns up on his doorstep needing a place to stay and he invites her to live with him. From that moment Luigi’s life is transformed from one of quiet stability to insane passion as Luigi falls hopelessly in love with Sonia. He ends his engagement and immerses himself completely in a series of mind-boggling erotic adventures, until Sonia's true nature is revealed. Sell Points / Extras Features- Sexy and provocative, Vittoria Belvedere stars in this unusual and disturbing thriller, directed by the veteran of ‘giallo’ genre Sergio Martino. Available for the first time in US in DVD, Craving Desire is presented full and uncut.

PASSION (Simona, Patrick Longchamps 1975)
While watching a bullfight, Simona (Laura Antonelli) relives a traumatic experience she had when she was younger. Simona and her lover Georges (Maurizio Degli Esposti) had a free and joyful sexual relationship, and used to meet on the beach. One day they spot a girl spying on them; she is the young Marquise Marcelle de Paille (Margot Saint’Ange), who lives almost buried alive in her father’s house. Since the premature death of Marcelle’s mother, her father has developed an ambiguous and obsessive attachment to his daughter and will do everything to keep Marcelle near him. Simona and Georges decide to free Marcelle from her captivity with tragic consequences. Sell Points / Extras Features - One of the first movies with Italian sex symbol Laura Antonelli in the main role, Passion was originally banned by Italian censorship and it was released some years after its completion.

REVENGE OF THE CRUSADER (Genoveffa di Brabante, José Luis Monter 1964)
Seriously wounded in a skirmish with a group of bandits, Count Sigfrido of Treviri (Alberto Lupo) is taken to the nearby castle of the Duke of Brabant, where he is tended by Duke’s daughter Genoveffa (María José Alfonso). The two gradually fall in love and marry shortly after. Once back in Treviri, Sigfrido leaves for the Crusades and asks to his counsellor Golo (Stephen Forsyth) to look after his wife while he’s away. Attracted to Genoveffa, Golo tries to force his attentions on the Countess who rebuffs him. Golo then has her imprisoned and accused of adultery, until she is condemned to death. Sell Points / Extras Features - A sumptuous production from the golden age of Italian studios Cinecittà, The Revenge of the Crusader is a sword and sandal classic, made by cult director Riccardo Freda.

Cult Epics
DEADLY SWEET (Col cuore in gola, Tinto Brass 1967)
Starring 17-year-old beauty-contest winner Ewa Aulin (CANDY), and Jean-Louis Trintignant (A MAN AND A WOMAN), Deadly Sweet is a most unusual crime story. In the film, a French actor finds his business contact lying murdered on the floor. Rather than call the police, he decides to protect the young woman at the scene and nail down the true killers, which puts him on a collision course with the London underworld. Deadly Sweet leads us through a mind-bending series of pop-art visuals by renowned erotic cartoonist GUIDO CREPAX, split screens, triple split screens, and the seductive rock score by Armando Trovajoli. Filmmaker Tinto Brass, who later gained fame for his soft-core erotica, wrote the screenplay in 1967, loosely adapted from a novel by Sergio Donati, as an outrageous attempt to turn the crime genre on its head. It can be said that with this film Cinema Fumetti (comic-book movies) was invented prior to the more known DANGER: DIABOLIK and BARBARELLA. Cult Epics is proud to present Deadly Sweet (aka Heart in his Mouth), a rare giallo thriller unseen since its initial theatrical release, whose lead actors went on to star in DEAD LAID AN EGG, a year after.

Mondo Macabro
NAKED RASHOMON (Showa onnamichi: Rashomon, Chusei Sone 1972)
Hideaki Ezumi stars as a powerful marquis named Katsuragawa, whose prostitute mistress bears him twins. As twins are considered a bad omen, they are separated at birth. The marquis raises the boy in his own image, as does the girl’s mother - having her work as a prostitute. Nineteen years later, in blissful ignorance, boy and girl meet. What follows is a blood soaked and shocking tale of revenge as the girl seeks to track down and destroy all those she considers ruined her life. Startling and surreal, the film is a masterpiece now receiving its first ever US release. Sell Points / Extras Features- A powerful drama with political and psychological overtones, this is one of the most complex and impressive films in our Nikkatsu Studio series. Directed with immense style by the award winning Chusei Sone it’s packed with surreal scenes and outbursts of shocking bloodshed. EXTRAS: Documentary on Japanese exploitation cinema; introduction by film historian Jasper Sharp; original theatrical trailer; newly created subtitles; Mondo Macabro previews; Nikkatsu trailer compilation.

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