torsdag 27 november 2008

News from Code Red and Severin Films

Code Red have acquired two UK thrillers for R1 DVD release in summer 2009; THE INTERNECINE PROJECT (1974) and WHO? (1973).

Severin Films have announced an upcoming R1 DVD release of EXPOSÉ aka THE HOUSE ON STRAW HILL. It was previously licensed by Barrel Entertainment but they seem to be no more.

söndag 23 november 2008

UK DVD company Nucleus Films have announced that they will release the British thriller GHOST STORY, directed by Stephen Weeks in 1974, on DVD in 2009. Even more to look forward to! More info when it's available...

måndag 17 november 2008

Lamberto Bava's BLASTFIGHTER coming to German DVD

To be released by German label Eyecatcher Movies in December 2008. 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen, English and German audio options. Runtime 88 minutes.

onsdag 12 november 2008

Midnight Choir - another new R1 DVD label!

Two forthcoming double features - both on February 24 2009:

The Whip and the Body/Conspiracy of Torture (Beatrice Cenci)
Mario Bava/Lucio Fulci

WHIP AND THE BODY: In this creepy gothic shocker from Mario Bava, a sadistic, ghostly Christopher Lee tortures (by whipping) the lovely Dahlia Lavi, his brother's wife and father's mistress.
CONSPIRACY OF TORTURE: Set in 17th Century Italy, Beatrice Cenci (Adrienne Larussa) is the teenage daughter of the crazed landowner and nobleman Francesco Cenci (Georges Wilson) who keeps his daughter locked up in the dungeon of his castle and sexually abuses her as well. Also stars the great Tomas Milan.

The Long Hair of Death/An Angel For Satan
Antonio Margheriti/Camillo Mastrocinque

THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH: A woman is accused of witchcraft and put to death. Her older daughter knows the real reason is the lord's sexual desire for her. She confronts him as is also killed. The daughter mysteriously returns from the dead and begins to avenge her mother's murder.
AN ANGEL FOR SATAN: Sculptor Roberto (Anthony Steffen) arrives in a small village to restore an ancient statue. He meets Harriet (Barbara Steele) who bears an amazing resemblance to the statue. Upon complete restoration of the statue, Steele begins to take on the psychotic traits of the woman upon whom the sculpture was based a woman the townspeople believe was a much-feared sorceress of local legend.

söndag 9 november 2008

February 2009 will be a fantastic DVD month!

These great titles will be released on February 24 2009:

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (Mya Communication)
Scorpion With Two Tails (Mya Communication)
A Policewoman in New York (Mya Communication)
Schoolgirl Report vol. 5 (Impulse Pictures)
Bird With the Crystal Plumage (Blue Underground) Blu-ray
Sins of Sister Lucia (Mondo Macabro)

onsdag 5 november 2008

New spaghetti western double feature from Wild East out now!

For the first time available on DVD in U.S.A

PAYMENT IN BLOOD (Sette winchester per un massacro, 1967)
Enzo G. Castellari

theatrical version in its original aspect ratio: 2:35 16x9 Anamorphic English language

RED BLOOD, YELLOW GOLD (Professionisti per un massacro, 1967)
Nando Cicero

theatrical version in its original aspect ratio: 2:35 16x9 Anamorphic English language


A CAT IN THE BRAIN coming from Grindhouse Releasing in February?

Apparently, Grindhouse Releasing have caught up to speed and will release Lucio Fulci's A CAT IN THE BRAIN (Un gatto nel cervello, 1990) on February 24 2009. More information as it becomes available.