måndag 29 september 2008

Riccardo Freda's L'ORRIBILE SEGRETO DEL DOTTOR HICHCOCK to be released on DVD

It will be released by Italian company Medusa Video on November 5, but unfortunately only Italian audio and subtitles. No other specs known yet... hopefully someone will release an English-friendly version in the near future.

onsdag 24 september 2008

More Christina Lindberg from Studio S

Swedish DVD company Studio S Entertainment will release Poruno no joô: Nippon sex ryokô aka Journey to Japan from 1973, starring Christina Lindberg. This will be a world DVD premiere and it's scheduled for December 2008.

söndag 14 september 2008

The Warrior coming from Mondo Macabro

This outrageously entertaining fantasy flick stars 1980's action hero Barry Prima. He plays Jaka Sembung, a kind of Robin Hood figure who possesses mystical powers. As a figurehead for his country's rebellion against oppressive invaders, Jaka Sembung is captured, tortured and left for dead. But he returns, even more powerful than before. In desperation, the invaders resurrect an evil wizard and set him against Jaka Sembung in a fierce fight to the death. Packed with jaw dropping action scenes and astonishing special effects, The Warrior is the ultimate cult classic.

Release date is November 18, 2008.

torsdag 11 september 2008

Mask of Murder coming on DVD in December

Directed by Arne Mattsson and featuring Christopher Lee, Mask of Murder is a Swedish/Canadian slasher film from 1985. It will be released on DVD in December 2008 by Swedish company Studio S Entertainment.

tisdag 9 september 2008

Spanish eurospy DVD releases

I know they're not new releases, but I think they're worth mentioning since they aren't available elsewhere. POPPIES ARE ALSO FLOWERS (Terence Young, 1966) was released by Suevia Films and THE FILE OF THE GOLDEN GOOSE (Sam Wanamaker, 1969) by RSR Multimedia. Both feature YUL BRYNNER, are in non-anamorphic widescreen and has got English audio track.

torsdag 4 september 2008

Jess Franco's DEMONS due out on Redemption DVD

Demons will be released on September 8. I'm not sure which version of the film, but according to Play.com it's 103 minutes which suggests it's Jess Franco's 2003 director's cut. It passed BBFC uncut.

The prolific and manic Jess Franco has directed well over 200 films, some of which are classics of exploitation cinema. The Demons, Franco's shameless cash in on Ken Russell's The Devils, is a true Franco classic, featuring everything from torture, lesbian sex and demonic possession.
The film centres on a witch who is burned at the stake by the Inquisition but who, before the flames consume her, manages to curse the principal witchfinder and his minions with dire results. What follows is a catalogue of depravity and sexual violence on a truly orgiastic scale while Franco's camera gleefully captures every perverse moment and gratuitous exposure of female flesh!
This is a true sleaze epic of Babylonian proportions!

Actors: Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, Doris Thomas, Karin Field, Cihangir Gaffari, Luis Barboo & Howard Vernon
Director: Jess Franco
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 2.35:1
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 1 hour and 43 minutes (approx)

tisdag 2 september 2008

SWINDLE by Bruno Corbucci being released in Germany

German DVD company Sunfilm will release SQUADRA ANTITRUFFA on September 26.

Actors: Tomas Milian, David Hemmings
Director: Bruno Corbucci
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Language: English, Italian, German