lördag 30 augusti 2008

Christina Lindberg vs. Laura Gemser

Coming November 11 from Code Red:

Secrets of Sweet Sixteen / Looking Good

Two-Tonic Double-Bill! Buxom 70's euro-chicks flash before your eyes in the craziest, offensive, shocking stories that ever featured in this strange collection of skits from today's headlines! Virgin being sacrificed to satan by muscle bound rich devil worshippers! Child Molester stopped by two hot horny college girls! A european postman finds sex can be a deadly thing! A masseuse have powers with his hands to his ladies! Daughter disguised as a older woman to steal her mother's lover in a seedy hotel! See 70's sex tigress Christine Lindberg loose and on the prowl!And to add icing on the cake! This disc features the one and only Black Emanuelle herself, Laura Gemser, in a rare workout video LOOKING GOOD produced by the king of schlock Dick Randall! Laura doesn't even break a sweat as she whips these chicks into all these painstaking execerize moves! Gemser doesn't even throw in the towel as they workout till the show is over! Physical Fitness will never be the same as our favorite Emanuelle is taking over the gym!

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